Meaning Of Saurashtra

"Saurashtra" does not mean Sau + Rashtra (100 nations), but this is a fractured speech of "Su-Rashtra" meaning Good Country. "Kathiawar" or "Kathiawad" was popularised by Marathas in its reigme.

Saurashtra Geography

Arabian see today lies between African and Saurashtra, but in early days it was believed to be a wonder how western part of India (Gujarat) matches exactly with eastern Africa, later geologist confirmed the theory of one continent and its division into many continents and geographical sub continents, many geologist believed that Saurashtra was a part of Africa considering its Flora and Fauna, trees and animal habitats.

If the mythological parts of Dwarka is said to be true then Dwarka must have been fortified island and must have been surrounded by Arabian Sea, that could be a reason why Lord Krishna choose Dwarka to be their capital city, may be during Trassic age Africa and Indian sub--continent might have been joined just by saurashtra and some eruption / volcanic activity separated Saurashtra from Africa. Lion are the best example of the connection also some of the southern village of Junagarh has presence of African Negro Community, which could be an added example as well.

Early Civilization

Pre Christian era civilization like Mohenjo-Daro and Hadappa must have flourished through Saurashtra as Saurashtra was the only connecting link between Lothal and Sindh. Earthen ware from these civilisation are found near Lakha-bawal in Jamnagar District. Evidence of port at Dholka and Lothal confirms that there was sea between Saurashtra and Gujarat.

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