Reliance Refinery Jamnagar

Jamnagar Reliance Petrochemical Complex

Reliance Refinery Complex, Motikhavdi, Jamnagar

Jamnagar Reliance Petrochemical Complex, Located in Jamnagar is spread over 7,400 acres. Jamnagar Reliance Petrochemical Complex comprises of petroleum refinery and related petrochemical plants.

Jamnagar Reliance Petrochemical Complex 

The Jamnagar Reliance Petrochemical Complex is equipped to refine various types of crude oil (sour crude, sweet crude or a mixture of both) and manufactures various grades of fuel from motor gasoline to Aviation Turbine Fuel.

Jamnagar Reliance refinery boasts a complexity Index of 11.3 (defined by the Nelson Complexity Index). RIL's refinery at Jamnagar can process heavy and sour crude oils as well, This allows the company to benefit from the lower input cost compared to other old refineries.

Jamnagar Complex boasts of 33MMTPA refining capacity, this capacity is fully integrated with downstream petrochemicals units as well. Major produces includes naphtha-based aromatics and propylene-based polymers.

Reliance Refinery At NightLocated at Motikhavdi, Lalpur Taluka, Jamnagar, This refinery enjoys its proximity to the Gulf of Kutch. India's west coast has world-class logistics and port facilities (Kandla) and Reliance has its own jetty for the raw material input.

This proximity to jetty provides freight advantages and logistic benefits, around 70% of the crude imported is transported on Very Large Crude Carriers.

The new refinery under construction by RPL has with a complexity index of 14.0.

Jamnagar Refinery will have its production raised by onether quarter and it will total to 720,000 barrels a day (bpd). after its commissioning in december-09, Jamnagar Reliance Refinery Unit 1 will have total refining capacity of 650,000 bpd.

As told to shareholders, RIL Refinery's operating capacity is 12% higher then the official output capacity, Jamnagar Refinery Complex is the world's largest refining hub, total refining capacity post the expansion will be 1,380,000 bpd.