Brass Parts Industry - Jamnagar

In last three decades Jamnagar has emerged as the hub of Brass and Copper components. In Jamnagar Brass components manufacturing units are located at GIDC (Phase-1, 2), Patel Colony, M.P.Shah Industrial Area, Hapa Industrial Area, Digvijay Plot(46 - 51) and so on.

While most of these units started as a family business, many units are now well organized business unit with profesional managers and many have even managed to get Quality cert. like ISO 9000. Still most of these units gain the business though their experience. Considering the low margin business, these unit lacks proper technology. Most of these units have 10-12 hrs of working.

Brass Part indutry has brass scrap as a major raw material, Recently imported brass scrap prices got as high as 300% which reduces the opertion margins of these units, In Jamnagar, most of the units use imported brass. In last two years imported brass scrap prices moved from Rs 80 to Rs 265 per kg.

The added price rise is also because of the levied customs duty on imported brass scrap, as it is now more than doubled.

Each month around 50 lakh containers are consumed in India, each weighing 20 tonnes, Jamnagar Brass Part industry accounts for 80 per cent of the total brass fittings / components , Brass Components applications includes electrical, automobile or sanitary products.

Jamnagar Brass Parts have two sets of units, One is fully integrated with electric / coal furnace, and uses Scrap / Waste are completely integrated and have electric furnace & use scrap, waste have the testing facilities . spectrometer to test the content of Cu in the total melt. The other type of units which are spread across in each & every area that is melting in crucible / underground bhatti, wherein the raw material is machining waste / powder.

The various grades being manufactured are IS 319 which has 56% Cu and is used largely for hardware products. Other grades such as IS3488 are used for locks wherein Cu is 50 .55%. IS3488 is the forging grade which has 60.5 .71% Cu used for LPG valves.

The major products are Brass Rods, Profiles, and Sections etc. The normal time taken is I hour 20 min for melting 300 kg wherein the molten metal is pored in moulds for making billets.

Major energy consuming equipments are Blower, Lathe machine, Cutting machine/ Pantograph, Electric Furnace, Annealing Furnace.


  • Supplied by Gujarat State electricity board.
  • Getting 24 hr power supply ( weekly off on Wednesday)
  • Per unit rate Rs. 5.50/-
  • Energy/Fuel cost is 15 to 20% of total production cost.
    • Electric Furnace / Crucible/Bhatti
    • Annealing Furnace
    • Blower
    • Extrusion Press
    • Cutting machine
    • Sand muller
    • Raw materials
    • Brass Scrap
    • Zinc
    • Aluminum
    • Copper
  • Major equipments are



    Major products like Brass Screws, Brass Nuts, Brass Fasteners, Brass Inserts, Brass Screws, Machine Screws India, Brass Fasteners, Brass Terminals, Brass Casting, Brass PPR inserts, Brass Moulding inserts, Brass hose fittings, Brass hose barbs, Brass Anchors, Brass turned parts, Brass turned components, Brass Neutral Links, Brass forged fasteners, Brass Pipe Fittings, Sanitary fittings, Brass Hex Bolts Hex Nuts, Brass washers, Copper Washers, Bronze Casting etc.

    Process (Brass foundry)

    In some case where the units are doing job work of making billets, majority of the units are using Crucibles . underground bhatti . MOOSE wherein maching waste scrap powder is being used, normal capacity is 380kg in 3 hours, pouring in molds and preparing the billets.